I can’t stop posting exposures. I love watching my ranking bar tick up every time I post another one. I’m both dreading and dreaming of the day that my exposure is made permanent and public. I worry what my friends and family will say, but I know that there’s no hope in changing what I am; A diaper wearing loser.

I need this, I hate that I need this but I need this. Diapers are a permanent fixture in my life and there’s no reason I should be trying to hide it. It’s the feeling that’s addicting. The feeling of helplessness as I strap myself into a hilariously thick diaper in the morning before work. The feeling of tightness around my waist that I don’t get anywhere else. The feeling of embarrassment as I inevitably use my diapers for all of their intended purposes and sit in it until the end of the day. The feeling of disgust as I clean myself off only to tape another obviously thick diaper on as soon as I’m finished. The feeling of shame as others repost my exposures and I see my pictures spread around the internet. All of these feelings are normally negative, but diapers bring them all together in a way that is almost intoxicating. That’s why I love my diapers

I can’t get away from the fact that I need my diapers and will need them for the rest of my life.



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