I’ve done some fun videos since the last time I posted, really pushing myself ;).


I will be posting some screen shots of my favorite video and then linking the rest of the videos for you all to view at your pleasure 🙂


I did a no lube anal punishment challenge, where I fucked my ass as hard as I could with my dildo with no lube.  It was painful and intense and AMAZING!  it hurt but I loved every second of it. 🙂


This one was me getting started.  You can see the struggle mixed with anticipation as I try to force my dildo in. 😉


This is what I believe was the moment of breach.  I am in a mix of pain and pleasure but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I’m just too overwhelmed. 😉



This was the beginning of the pain wave.  It started almost all at once. At this moment, I realized what I had truly gotten myself into.




And this was the CLIMAX of the pain wave.  It overtook me all at once and I was at its mercy.



Once the initial wave passed, I started fucking my ass as hard as I could.  You can see in my face the PERFECT mix between PAIN and PLEASURE.  It was amazing 🙂


Anyways. Here’s the full video. 🙂



As you can see. I am truly addicted to being a whore. If you have any video ideas that you would like me to do, message me at jaybrock527@gmail.com on Skype. 🙂



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2 years ago

Good faggot

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