My porn addictions have transformed me into what you see now. I am a BBW mindless sex slave bimbo whore servicing a Black Master as he sees fit. I am pimped out to make him money as well. All I care about is making him happy no matter how degrading, humiliating, dirty  and depraved it is. I be nothing but a piece of fuck meat to be used for the entertainment and amusement of SUPERIOR black men. 

  In my wildest dreams never thought this could happen. I was a short time ago a straight male lookin at BBW, interracial, and shemale porn sites. After I got curious with sissy hypno sites I lost control of myself and before I realized it, I began desiring to be a slutty fat whore craving BBC unable to stop and go back to what I was before. What is even worse is I LUV bein what I now am. I just keep watching the porn and getting worse and worse. I now have begun gaining weight to make myself a sexier curvier PHAT sex pig that Black men desire. I now have a pair of “D” cup udders, a big juicy ghetto ass and lots of soft fat filling out my belly and fat rolls.  GOD I’m SOOOOOO happy!!


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