is getting more and more popular each and everyday. There is currently over 120 exposures in the queue waiting to get approved. To reduce waiting times, the site has been approving more exposures each day. This causes older exposures to get kicked off the homepage very quickly. For some of you more scared faggots that could be a good thing. But for the faggots this site was made for, the faggots that crave exposure, this is very annoying. So for you faggots that crave exposure I am introducitng the featured spots!

There is a total of 8 featured spots that are available for purchase. (no faggot, you cant purchase all 8 for yourself)

Purchasing a featured spot will have your fagface seen at the top of homepage giving you maximum exposure.
You may have a normal exposure, and a featured image . For the first time ever allowing you to show up twice on the homepage.

The picture can be any picture you want, and it can also link to anywhere you want. Be it an external site, or to an exsisting exposure on the site!

These are special introductory prices for a limited time! Prices will rise.
Contact admin to get payment details.
Payments are non-recurring

Please Select Valid Pricing Table

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