I’m a fun loving Sissy who loves dressing en femme from head to toe in wigs, makeup, perfume, sexy lingerie, silky stockings, sexy high heels and being locked into a pretty Sissy Maid Dress!

I have brown hair and eyes, I’m completely smooth and silky all over, and stand 5’10” in my silky black stockings.

My cross-dressing started when I was 4-5 years old I slipped on my mothers’ stockings that she had hung to dry. I was hooked! That silky feeling was just felt incredible. Since that day I’ve been riding this emotional roller coaster ride.

I love getting dolled up in sexy flirty French Maid Uniforms and pretty Sissy Maid Dresses, silky stockings and sexy high heels!

It’s just so much fun to dress that way!

Ruined Sissies Magazine

Sissy Maid Teri Forever exposed

Sissy Maid Teri Forever exposed

Sissy Maid Teri Forever exposed

Named & Shamed!

Being exposed online is humiliating enough, but it can’t quite compare to being exposed forever on line. This Sissy is  going to venture down the sissification rabbit hole!


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1 month ago

Excellent exposure

andere demyer
1 month ago

You are so beautiful ,i love,, you

1 month ago

wow Teri, i’ve followed you for a long time. i’m a simpering closet sissy and sent some pictures to Ruined Sissys too. They were suposed to go in issue #2 but i couldn’t get the issue. I’m so glad you made it in. A lot of pervs will see your pics and get a woodie and a laugh. keep posting gurl.


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