It’s not easy pimping out you  faggots (and getting you losers to make money), but if anyone can do it, it’s definitely me.  The other losers out there can try and copy my website ideas all they want but without my incredible good looks and sculpted body, copycat losers is all they will be 😉

Two things you can notice from the picture below.
1. Try and find another single guy with that many followers 😉
2. It’s my fucking birthday on the 12th! (Damn straight I’m A Scorpio)






I was on last night and as you can see I took A fair chunk of you’r tokens!
Big shoutout to everyone that sent them (you know who you are). The other fags checking me out, I know soon enough youll have enough money to get tokens and be able to send them to me next time I’m Live 😉

My profile

My online achieve of jerk off videos (Some bj,sex and shower vids too!)


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Michelle Dunkley
7 years ago

Please expose humiliate feminize and force my sissyfag toilet slut ass to be pimped out…I’m totally into restraining me and pretty much submitting to men pets put anything in any/every hole I have sir..I know I will make you money.. Pleeeeaaaase I’m begging for this sir!!!

Doug Stratemeyer
Doug Stratemeyer
7 years ago

Expose me totally nude doing everything as I should be. I’m a hay faggot.

Brian Richardson
7 years ago


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