Certified Faggot Badge: Get this badge by getting your exposure agreement approved and posted by LLM on the  Public Exposure Agreements Page. Only those agreements that meet the requirements are posted!  Posting requirements are located here: Exposure Agreement Posting Instructions




Verified Whore Badge: Sign up at http://exposedfaggots.chaturbate.com and get your account verified as a camwhore by getting ID approved to get this badge!




Exposed Badge: This badge will be awarded to you after you have an approved exposure.   Posting requirements are located here:  Exposure Posting Instructions




Official Faggot Badge: Get this badge by being featured on the Official Faggots Page.




Premium Member Badge: All Premium members get this badge!



Super Awesome Badge: Get this by logging into ExposedFaggots.com 100 times!




Supporter Badge: Get this badge by tributing to ExposedFaggots.com Paypal and Amazon accepted.



All badges the admin must manually give to you, except the super awesome badge. Users will automatically get that on their 100th visit.
There are more badges to come. To request a badge contact Masterashton admin, or comment on this page. Also if you have an idea for a badge feel free to comment it.

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craig neuhardt
3 years ago

want to buy upgrade and exposure package

Doug Stratemeyer Exposed Nude

Thinking about how much to do or have done to me. Of course, all of it turns me on totally.

sissy josephine
sissy josephine
4 years ago

i need some bages

Sissy Steven Gold
5 years ago

Super Awesome Badge: Get this by logging into ExposedFaggots.com 100 times!
So does this mean I have to log out each time I leave the site than have to log back in?

5 years ago

So someone can be a Certified Faggot and Verified Whore! Haha

5 years ago

Sounds good

5 years ago

awesome idea of it:)

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