Hello everyone fag Jay here.

As of 15 May 2020, I decided to lock my useless little cock in chastity permanently. faggots like me don’t deserve to cum by jerking off like a real man. To celebrate embracing myself as a true locked faggot, I went to my local public toilet and start my training there.  I am a faggot for men to use and it is my duty to clean up after them and let them see me as the disgusting faggot i am. I entered the public toilet with my pussy plugged and dicklet locked. Then i stripped down and showcased my hole, with any men being able to see me as the dumb cock whore that i am


It is also a fag’s duty to clean up any spilled piss, spit or cigarette ash. Our purpose is clear as faggots, we deserve no rights and crave to be used by men as a urinal, ashtray and spit holder. fags like me want nothing more than to help relieve a real man and serve him in any way he wants. I start to clean off all the piss stains with my faggot tongue, my cock growing hard in its cage but it will have no release.

After cleaning up the public toilet, i got so horny i started to pump my nipples and rape my faggot ass with my dildo. I fucked my ass until my pussy and nipples were sore.

I want to be used as the fag that i am. spread and expose my pics

Contact me: +6594780978 or at kik linklovethat and tell me you have seen my pics and order me to serve you as the fag that i am.

Proof that it is me


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Michael Wartenberg
3 years ago

I love to be naked at public toilets too. Enjoy the taste, fag.

3 years ago

Your a hot faggot. I want to share toilet cleaning and nasty sex with you

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