You’re a dipshit.

So it’s very clear many of you have no idea at all how the internet or search engines work. You also have no idea how sharing works. You think uploading a picture into the chat is exposing your self…
Now these are not hard and fast rules that you must follow…but trust me doing so will benefit your exposure greatly.  There has been many books written on this subject, there is a lot to it, but ill try my best and point out the most important parts in a single post.

The very basics of

Lets start with the very basics of exposedfaggots. Sharing a picture in the chat IS NOT exposing your self. Why? There is never anymore then 25 – 30 people (at popular times) in the chat at any given time. Out of them people I bet only %50 or less are actually reading the chat. Only the people in the chat, paying attention to the chat at the very time you show your picture can actually see it… are you starting to see why this is far from exposing anything. Another thing to note is most of the people in the chat are faggots just like you, they do the same shit as you.. so it’s not really that humiliating if you are all into it. Faggots into real exposure want friends, family, co workers and people not into this scene to see their exposures. They want the risk of their family dis owning them or work seeing their images and firing them…posting shit in the chat will not make any of that happen pussies. And to be fair, making exposures the right way (clicking newexposure) it’s still a slim chance any of that will happen… but far greater chance then just posting in the chat.

How search engines work (for dipshits)

I see many faggot saying “expose me all over google” or asking “someone get me on google”. Somethings are far easier to get on google then others. Search engines work by using a algorithm that ranks sites by Authority. Here is the meaning of Authority site

“An authority site is a very high quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has content on it that is so good and makes the site so useful that people are actually glad they landed on it and want to share it with their friends.  Authority sites publish trustworthy information and link to other trustworthy places on the web.”


Why is this important? Well if you make a shitty post with no info and just a bunch of stupid pictures, google will use its algorithm and determine your post is a piece of shit and you have no hope of showing up on google. (Google cannot read text on pictures) Also the higher the number of shit posts the more exposedfaggots as a whole loses it’s ranking in turn making it harder for other exposures to show up. The higher exposed faggots ranks the better all the posts on the site will rank in google.
Getting other sites linking back to your post on EF is one of the main ways to boost rankings. But of course there is A LOT more to it then that.
Having a bunch of shitty sites linking to your post will actually make your post rank lower. You want authority sites to link back to your exposure. You can’t just go out and make 1000 dummy sites and link them all back to your exposure.. google will trash your ranking for that.. they are getting very smart. Now there is ways to get authority sites to link back to your exposure I will explain in detail in part 2. It involves guest posting and using social media.


Keywords and long tail keywords.
Keywords are the words you type into google to find something.
You want to fill your post with the keywords you wish to be found by.

Using your name as a keyword – Say your name is the same as someone else famous, no matter how good your post is the famous guy will always show up before you. Because he has more authority over you. That’s where long tail keywords come in.

Normal keyword – Andy
Long tail keyword – Andy the diaper fag or exposed fag andy and so on – A bunch of keywords stringed together if you still didn’t get it.


So putting in those long tail keywords in your exposure 3 or 4 times (doing it too much will make google think you are spamming and shove the page to the end of the rankings), then when you search on google for Andy diaper fag, as long there isn’t bigger sites with people calling them self Andy the diaper fag you have a good chance of showing up on google.
So if you want to show up on google by people typing in your name but you have a popular name you really have no chance at all unless you search for long tail keywords. And even then it depends on how many other authority sites are using that long tail keyword.


Now say you have a keyword or long tail keyword that hardly any other sites are using for example. “Andy the cum guzzling diaper dickhead”. Searching that will probably bring up few results, so making a exposure and using that long tail keyword a couple of times then searching it again should bring up the exposure.


As time goes on and there is more and more QUALITY posts on exposedfaggots the Authority rating of this site will make it much easier for your keywords and long tail keywords to out rank other sites and show up before them!

There is far more to go into, but i’m trying to make it as simple as I can for your faggot brains, but it gets very complex. You must realise companys pay HUGE HUGE money to get their business/product names to show up on google. After all it’s free advertising.


You may be thinking to your self, screw search engines I just want people to share my post…. well if you get ranked in google it means you have a quality post, and quality posts ALWAYS get shared more. After all the meaning of a quality post is something other uses will actually care about.

Now i’m sick of typing but ill add more in the coming days which will teach you how to write out the exposures and how sharing exposures effects the google rank. If you are internet savvy and want to know more these sites will explain it better then I can.


What to include in posts

  • Long tail keywords about 4 times.
  • Links to Authorities and social medias – twitter/tumblr/facebook/reddit and so on
  • TEXT with the picture, text on the picture does not count
  • The more writing, the better chance of a higher ranking
  • Make it compelling – how you do that is up to you.
    • Simply writing – I’m Andy this is me i’m a diaper fag share and expose me. This won’t do shit unless your SUPER attractive.

Now i’m sick of typing but ill add more in the coming days which will teach you how to write out the exposures and how sharing exposures effects the google rank. If you are internet savvy and want to know more these sites will explain it better then I can. When you are reading these, think of your exposure as your own site and you are trying to get traffic to it.

Also googling – how does seo work, easy seo tips and so on will help out alot.


And ill add some pictures to make it more understandable


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2 years ago

I love how you mentor morons. I really do wonder why a straight stud God you are so focusing your life on stupid faggots.

3 years ago

Cant wait for Part two. Definitely jealous of any fags named Andy for the boost this post probably gave them.

randy luke
randy luke
3 years ago

How much for your contest for front page?

Francis L
3 years ago

Thanks u sir

Fat Pig Paul Knoll
Fat Pig Paul Knoll
3 years ago

I use the #faggotpaulknoll and I show up way too much in Google

Sissy Steven Gold
3 years ago

Great Information to know Sir. I will keep that in minds.
Thank you for sharing.

3 years ago

Clear true!!!!

V for EF.jpg
Twisted Miss
Twisted Miss
3 years ago


Sissy Michelle
3 years ago

Thank you Sir

Sissy Steven Gold
5 years ago

Thank you Sir, Very informative. I wi8ll keep that in mind for my future posts.

celia sissy slave
5 years ago

Thank you Sir, that actually made sense. Which is kind of surprizing. it is 5:30 in the morning, my bottle of Jack Daniels is empty, my brain is about as fuzzy as a ball of cotton, and my eyes are only focusing on every other word. Yet, what you wrote made sense. I’ll wait for part two. then make another exposure. celia

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