Matt Thompson of Eureka, CA is a ruined faggot slut, exposed to everyone he knows and the whole internet as a cock-sucking, shit-eating human toilet.

phone: 714-366-4527  KIK: xmeatxpuppetx

Last June, Matt had to have his BALLS REMOVED for medical reasons.  He’s now rocking completely fake IMPLANTS and has lost nearly all sensation in his dick.  He will never cum, or even get hard, again.  This isn’t a problem for his wife as she kicked his ass out already and spends every night fucking her new, hot, boyfriend.  Matt can’t cum but his wife has been having the best orgasms of her life on a nightly basis.

As Matt’s cock and balls are now strictly for show, all he has to offer sexually are two holes to service real alpha cocks.  He’s become a cum dumpster, a human toilet who makes shitplay movies by request for internet pervs.  As he can never get off or be satisfied, he’s become the perfect sub plaything for anyone who wants to use him.  His former blackmail pics are now leaking online, and in today’s political climate, just imagine the damage they could do if they ever went viral…

Matt has lost all semblance of dignity and is now biologically nothing more than a sub servant toilet to be used, and literally everyone in his life knows it.  He is forever ruined, and has finally become the meatpuppet he has always been meant to because the internet is forever.

Enjoy his hopelessly exposed, ball-less, floppy-cocked, shit-eating ass.


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Faggot Brandon Mabe
2 years ago

HOLD ON! There’s something we have to talk about…

2 years ago

Why do you have a nazi flag?

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