A Lot of faggots upload pictures and never add them to exposures because they pussy out or whatever the reason maybe. But as you should know from reading the terms when joining this site, nothing uploaded ever gets deleted. Unless of course you pay, and we all know most of you faggots are broke as hell so that ain’t happening. These images that are not added to exposures usually go unseen just saved into the database with THOUSANDS of other faggot pictures. Well now I am giving you access to view All of them. No longer will faggots be safe that upload their picture and pussy out of making an exposure with them! This is different to fagwall, as fagwall only shows the pictures that are in published exposures. This page shows you ALL pictures uploaded to exposedfaggots.com, and there is THOUSANDS.

Once data is uploaded to the site, it belongs to exposedfaggots.com, and we have a unlimited licence to do whatever we want with it. This means if there is pictures you like, you are welcome to make a exposure featuring the images. This is a great way to put content on the site, and get points for your self, which goes towards faggot of the month!

There will be a link called media library under the galleries menu. Or click this link to view it. https://exposedfaggots.com/wp-admin/upload.php



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Karin Schlutz
2 years ago

verry nice

2 years ago


Mercer Mind
Mercer Mind
3 years ago

I’m a cocksucking fag really appreciate exposure

4 years ago


4 years ago

Thank You for this, Master Ashton…the world NEEDS to see us for the faggot’s we are, whether the faggot being exposed accepts it as truth yet or not

4 years ago

Me as Sissy right on the upper left ;D

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