Over the   Over the years I have gotten a number of guys to take my pic when I am on them. I has been my pleasure to suck as many cock as I possibly could. I am still sucking, and getting sucked, as often as possible. Can’t always take pics, but when I can get him to, I have proof! Never had any compaliants and I am always looking for  more cock to suck.

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Greg Jones
1 year ago

nice pictures fag i love getting pictures and videos of me sucking cock

Kyle Blebjørn
3 years ago

Nice exposure you cock-sucking faggot!

Faggot Micheyl
3 years ago

Thats a great set of pics!!! I should do something like that myself. Do you make posters of any of your sessions?

Candi Gonzalez ( Brandon Xavier Gonzalez )

Theres no such thing as too much cock. I myself love the taste of cum and worshipping big cock.

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