innermost identity truth

Lifetime lingerie lover 2014 realized the true nature of my inner self as female.
Looking for girls/women for friendship, support, shopping, girls days/nites in and out.
Want to meet n play with any turned on by crossdressing.

My first cock sucking cum load swallowing encounter I was age 12 at a Sat Night sleep over
with my 18month older friend and his mate we all played with each other as we got naked
as the night went on then went to ‘sleep’, in the middle of the night i got into my friends bed
and became a cock sucking slut he didn’t even touch me, then in the same week it became a daily
afternoon catch up in my room for initially mutual play that after a week was all about
me getting the cum I needed from his cock and for 2 years he got his dick sucked anytime he wanted mmmmmmm
lol the best fun was when he’d finish pull out and be walking out my room
leaving me on my knees mouth full of cum smiling like a slut i loved it,
he stopped cumming to feed me about 3 months into his first GF
who he was with for years and she did eventually know about me cos
one day she was glaring at me and if spoke to me was well not happy to be having to speak to me at all
mmmmmmmm loved it and never spoke or spent anytime with either after that day

I would willingly happily contractually be owned for permanent surgical feminization
by a genuinely committed woman or women to help me live 24/7 as female, (slutty no limits whore of course).
permitted to only wear high heels and lingerie
I am kept as their no limits sissy sex slave slut whore available 24/7
yep i would be happily owned by any woman mistress or mistresses willing to
fully permanently completely physically feminize me into womanhood and inc surgery
so i get fuckd right 3 holes filled by strap on dildo wearing mistresses after deep 3 hole fucking sessions
i must suck off a horses cock so they can soak me in cum for 72hrs or they have the horse fuck my ass mmmm xo
either way i am soaked in horse cum for life now and love it xoxoxox

Sissy Slut Emma aka
Leon Piccinin 7th April 1979

6 Inverness St Endeavour Hills Vic Australia 3802

+61492813153 +61397003605



exposing Leon the sissy slut.jpg

exposing Leon the sissy slut.jpg

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Sissy Bambi Jones Virgin Loser

excellent exposure. other sissies and faggots should take note

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