Hi my name is Kevin William Powell and I want to be exposed so everyone in the world including my close friends and family to see what a sissy fag I am. I really hope that exposing myself and them finding will lead to me having to dress fully like a female for life. I plan on changing my name from Kevin William Powell to Kelly Michelle Powell to fit my new life style. I want to be ruined and exposed so I Kevin William Powell can no longer hide in the closet and be forced outta of it. I want to dress fully like a female while i suck and get fucked by dick only like the sissy fag I am. Being a sissy fag is the best thing for me, I get to please alpha males juicy dicks and drink their delicious cum. So please help me and expose me anywhere and everywhere. Please help exposed me everyone has my permission as if you needed it lol to copy reblog any of my information so please help ruin and expose me for life. My Kevin William Powell will be changed after i get fully exposed and ruined to Kelly Michelle Powell. Being an outed sissy fag will be the best thing for me.

I live at 8 Pence Ct, Greensboro NC

phone number is 336 588 9754

links to my social media and other exposures:


@kelltmpowell1 is my twitter

@broley27 is my instagram

https://www.facebook.com/k.pow.213is my facebook

https://kevinpowell.absolutely.exposed/ my exposure site







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5 years ago

brilliant…you outed fagggot now and forever:) congratulations…FAGGOT!!!

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