Please share this to all who would laugh and see themselves as better than me. Expose me as the disgusting, gross, pathetic, dumb pathetic faggot it is eating mens shit and swallowing it down like a septic tank. Any mans shit.

My name is Kristian Becker. I was born November 8th 1992. I live at 305 East 84th Street Apt 3FW, New York NY 10028. My google voice number is ‪(323) 910-0288‬ and don’t have a cell phone currently because i made a trade with a homeless guy on the street to give it to him to suck his dirty dick clean and drink his piss. i love doing the most depraved, disgusting, dehumanizing, degradeding and humiliating things guys can think of. to be seen as disgusting and depraved and deserving of subhuman treatment makes me feel fulfilled and being in my truth. my mouth is a toilet bowl for men to deposit their shit into for eating and swallowing all down only washed down with their warm golden piss. should their be hesitation, spilling over from my mouth, gagging back up, or not finishing or an eager commitment from me please don’t soften down or ease up from your certainty and demand that your shit will be swallowed down in full by me where it belongs. Step on my face on the street, have me worship your feet, and be your foot rug. Spit in my mouth as my mouth is wide open with desperation. Pull me around naked on a leash like a dog. No self worth or sense of value here, just a sissy bitch for men to taunt and use up and wear out.

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4 months ago

Now we need to see some dirty toilet licking action from the faggot!

4 months ago

Good toilet!

Sean Ladd
6 months ago

ohh I love a slut to clamp his lips on me as i pee

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